How to win with XSquare Sports

Having trouble into placing a profitable betting system? Then xSquare Sports is here to help you! It is an advanced but yet so simple to use betting software that can change your trouble into trebles and can produce winning doubles too.

What is xSquare Sports?

XSquare Sports is a betting system based on the popular game of Noughts and Crosses know also as Tic-tac-toe.

It is a system invented myself and have been using for years.

XSquare is very simple and can be used in football, horse racing and basketball as well as in most sports.

What do I need before using xSquare Sports?

This betting system is as simple as 1, 2, 3 (okay, count to 8 instead). It can be placed with or without the actual software, but I suggest it for time saving purposes.

So, the only thing you need to place a bet in a ‘Noughts and Crosses’ style is a registered account with a bookmakers.

I always prefer to place my combination bets with bet365 and in this page I have explained the reasons in many cases.

If you do not have an account with bet365 and you would like to use the odds we show, then use this link.

How does the xSquare Sports (software) work?

Make 9 selections in football, horse racing or basketball, enter your stake and… voila! The x-Square Sports engine will produce the best 8 combinations of trebles.

So, what you get is 8 possible bets instead of 86 (the number of all possible trebles in 9 selections).

After you select your stake it will also give you a breakdown of the suggested stakes for each of your trebles produced.

It looks a little bit complicated on your first go, but soon you realise you can win as easily as in Naughts and Crosses. can actually test if it works with you.

What odds should you bet on?

There is no limitation on the odds of your picks. However, this betting system works better with odds close or higher from 2.00 (evens).

To get your money back with just one treble means you need a treble that pays 8 times your money. This can be produced with three selections at the price of 2.00 (evens).

What is the ROI (Return Of Investment)?

Placing your bets at predetermined positions and following the steps I suggest, from most likely (lower odds) to least likely (higher odds), you increase the possibility of winning. Of course, to make it crystal clear, the success still depends on your selections. But having checked xSquare in more than 100 systems, it produced winning returns in 92% of the cases. The ROI depends on the odds of your picks. In our tests it produced a ROI of 16.92%.

Can you play xSquare Sports without the software?

The answer is simply, yes.

To play xSquare-Sports without the software just do the following:

  1. Get an account with bet365 or another bookmaker of your choice.
  2. Write down on a piece of paper your 9 games.
  3. Write the odds of your selections next to each game.
  4. List them from the lowest odds to the highest.
  5. Make a big Noughts and Crosses style grid on another piece of paper.
  6. Type in the picks in the squares using the order of Figure 1.
  7. Draw all possible combinations that would win in the actual game of Noughts and Crosses.
  8. Place your bets one by one with your bookmaker.

xsquare sports

Figure 1


Main features

– Exact odds and live changes from bet365.

– Easy grid completion.

– Drag and drop placement of selections.

– Reduction of 86 possible trebles to just 8.

– Automatic calculation of stakes per treble (or double).

– Automatic calculation of possibilities of success rate.

– Live interaction with finished events.

– Easy deletion of ‘impossible’ trebles with a simple click.

Win with X-Square Sports by clicking here