Bet Royale – Survival Contest by Novibet


Bet Royale is the ultimate competition for the World Cup 2018 made by Novibet!

It is a survival contest that runs during the World Cup and gives great prizes.

Each right decision brings you one step closer to the grand prize of €10.000!

How it works

The Bet Royale contest consists of two stages:

I. Group Stage:

Phase 1) From the beginning of the World Cup up until the 6th day you’ll get a free token every day which you must use to make a prediction about the World Cup matches. If your guess is wrong or you choose to pass, you lose the token; but if you guess correctly you get to keep it! Every day for 6 days you have a chance to win tokens and carry them over to phase 2.

Phase 2) From the 7th day to the 15th day you get no more free tokens. The plot thickens! Every time you guess correctly you get to keep your hard-won tokens, increasing your chances to survive until the Knock Out! But every time you guess incorrectly or not at all you lose a token! If you run out of tokens you bow out of the contest! That’s why it’s crucial that you win as many tokens as possible during phase 1!

I. Knock-out stage:

The competition reaches its climax! Everybody enters this stage with just one token, leveling the playing field. Now it’s just you and your predictive powers! Every time you guess correctly, you get to live another day. But if your guess is wrong or you fail to participate, it’s game over!

The players who are still standing by the end of the World Cup will share the prize of €10.000!

For more details check the contest’s page and start fighting for the price of €10.000! – Novibet

Bet Royale