Euroleague Preview – Round 27 – The last double week

Euroleague Preview & Tips

The Regular Season’s final double-week is here. Round 27 is on Tuesday and Wednesday while Round 28 follows on Thursday and Friday. There is a batch of key match-ups, including the Clasico Game of the Week, Real Madrid – Barcelona, which could prove decisive for both teams.

Wednesday’s matches

On Wednesday, CSKA Moscow (19-7) can secure home-court advantage in the playoffs by winning at home against Darussafaka Dogus Istanbul (13-13), which is still very much in the hunt for a slot in the next stage. CSKA remains the competition’s leading scorer with an average of 87.3 points, but also shows plenty of defensive hustle after making 7.2 steals per game, third best in the league. Darussafaka’s greatest asset is earning plenty of second chances to score, ranking second in the league in offensive rebounding with 11.7 per game. My choice here is the home win with a handicap of -10.5 point is priced at 1.90 with bet365

After beating two of the top three already this month, Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul (9-17) will attempt to continue its positive end to the season at home to an Unics Kazan team (7-19) which has lost nine games in a row. Galatasaray leads the league in blocked shots with an average of 3.7 per game, but doesn’t show the same physicality at the other end of the court, drawing a league-low average of 18.6 fouls. The battle for the foul line could give an opening to Unics, which ranks fifth in the league in free throws with 14.1 per game. There is no point to back a home win with a handicap when there is no chance for qualification. Free basketball can guide to Over 162.0 points priced at 1.90 with bet365.

Devotion is guaranteed when Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade (15-11) attempts to continue its charge towards the playoffs against visiting Olympiacos Piraeus (18-8), which would clinch home-court advantage with a win. Expect a physical battle between two teams which excel on defense – Olympiacos leads the league in defensive rebounds with 25.9 per game, while nobody comes to close matching Zvezda’s average of 8.9 steals. And that last statistic could prove particularly telling with Olympiacos possessing the competition’s second-worst assist-to-turnover ratio, 119.2%. Olympiacos has more possibilities than the odds say and we will back the away win with the handicap of +2.5 at 1.90.

Last but no means least, the Game of the Week sees Real Madrid (19-7) host eternal rivals FC Barcelona Lassa (10-16) knowing victory would be enough to both secure home-court advantage in the playoffs and eliminate the visiting team. Madrid claimed a huge 39 point victory when the teams met in Round 8, and will look to use the offensive firepower which has allowed it to lead the league in overall performance index rating with an average of 103.6, while Barcelona is next-to-last in that category with a PIR of 80.2 per game. Please, let me enjoy this one… 🙂 No bet.

Daily Basketball Picks

17/06/2024NBABOS Celtics - DAL Mavericks2 (+6.5)1.95100-100Pre
14/06/2024NBADAL Mavericks - BOS Celtics11.992000+1998Pre
13/06/2024ITA - AMilano - Virtus Bologna2 (+5.5)1.911000-1000Pre
12/06/2024NBADAL Mavericks - BOS Celtics1 (-2.5)1.95400-400Pre
12/06/2024GRE - A1Olympiacos - PanathinaikosUnder 155.51.91200-200Pre
11/06/2024ITA - AMilano - Virtus BolognaUnder 151.51.91100-100Pre
10/06/2024GRE - A1Panathinaikos - Olympiacos1 (-6.5)1.91100+91Pre
09/06/2024NBABOS Celtics - DAL Mavericks2 (+7.0)1.91100-0Pre
08/06/2024TUR - AEfes - Fenerbahce22.07200+214Pre
07/06/2024GRE - A1Olympiacos - Panathinaikos22.45100-100Pre
06/06/2024NBABOS Celtics - DAL Mavericks1 (-6.5)1.91100+91Pre
05/06/2024GRE - A1Panathinaikos - OlympiacosOver 152.51.92100+92Pre
04/06/2024FRA - Pro AMonaco - ParisOver 164.51.91200+182Pre
03/06/2024SPA - ACBMurcia - MalagaUnder 164.51.98100-100Pre
02/06/2024SPA - ACBBarcelona - Real MadridOver 170.52.00200+200Pre
01/06/2024GRE - A1Peristeri - Olympiacos1 (+9.5)1.91100-100Pre
31/05/2024SPA - ACBReal Madrid - Barcelona2 (+6.5)1.901200+1080Pre
30/05/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - DAL Mavericks1 (-4.5)1.90500-500Pre
29/05/2024SPA - ACBReal Madrid - Barcelona2 (+6.5)1.91200-200Pre
28/05/2024NBADAL Mavericks - MIN Timberwolves11.80100-100Pre
27/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - BOS Celtics1 (+7.5)1.91200+182Pre
26/05/2024NBADAL Mavericks - MIN Timberwolves2 (+2.5)1.91100-100Pre
25/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - BOS CelticsOver 222.51.91400+364Pre
24/05/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - DAL Mavericks1 (-5.5)1.91200-200Pre
23/05/2024NBABOS Celtics - IND Pacers2 (+9.5)1.90100-100Pre
22/05/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - DAL MavericksOver 208.51.99200+198Pre
21/05/2024NBABOS Celtics - IND PacersUnder 221.51.91100-100Pre
19/05/2024NBANY Knicks - IND PacersOver 207.51.911000+910Pre
18/05/2024NBADAL Mavericks - OKC Thunder1 (-3.5)1.91400-400Pre
17/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - NY Knicks2 (+6.5)1.92200-200Pre
16/05/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - DEN Nuggets22.15100-100Pre
15/05/2024NBAOKC Thunder - DAL Mavericks22.50700+1050Pre
14/05/2024NBADEN Nuggets - MIN Timberwolves2 (+4.5)1.94400-400Pre
13/05/2024NBADAL Mavericks - OKC Thunder1 (-1.0)1.91100-100Pre
12/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - NY Knicks22.85100-100Pre
11/05/2024NBADAL Mavericks - OKC ThunderOver 218.01.91100-100Pre
10/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - NY Knicks2 (+7.0)1.91100+91Pre
09/05/2024NBAOKC Thunder - DAL MavericksOver 218.51.911000+910Pre
08/05/2024NBANY Knicks - IND Pacers2 (+4.5)1.93400-400Pre
07/05/2024NBAOKC Thunder - DAL Mavericks2 (+4.5)1.90200-200Pre
06/05/2024NBANY Knicks - IND Pacers1 (-6.0)1.91100-100Pre
05/05/2024NBACLE Cavaliers - ORL MagicOver 194.51.91100+91Pre
04/05/2024NBADEN Nuggets - MIN Timberwolves2 (+4.5)1.94100+94Pre
03/05/2024NBAORL Magic - CLE Cavaliers1 (-4.0)1.91200+182Pre
02/05/2024NBAIND Pacers - MIL Bucks2 (+8.0)1.91100-100Pre
01/05/2024NBABOS Celtics - MIA HeatOver 198.51.91100+91Pre
30/04/2024NBAMIL Bucks - IND Pacers12.50700+1050Pre
29/04/2024NBANO Pelicans - OKC ThunderOver 205.01.91400-400Pre
28/04/2024NBAPHI 76ers - NY KnicksOver 209.01.91200-200Pre
27/04/2024NBAMIA Heat - BOS CelticsOver 201.51.92100-100Pre
26/04/2024NBAIND Pacers - MIL Bucks2 (+5.5)1.98200+196Pre
25/04/2024NBALA Lakers - DEN Nuggets11.94100-100Pre
24/04/2024NBABOS Celtics - MIA HeatOver 203.01.91400+364Pre
23/04/2024NBAMIL Bucks - IND PacersUnder 220.52.02200-200Pre
22/04/2024NBANY Knicks - PHI 76ers1 (-5.0)1.91100-100Pre
21/04/2024NBABOS Celtics - MIA HeatUnder 209.51.95200+190Pre
20/04/2024NBADEN Nuggets - LA Lakers2 (+7.0)1.95100-100Pre
19/04/2024NBAMIA Heat - CHI BullsUnder 205.52.02100+102Pre
17/04/2024NBACHI Bulls - ATL HawksOver 222.51.95100+95Pre
16/04/2024NBANO Pelicans - LA Lakers21.94100+94Pre
15/04/2024GRE - A1Panathinaikos - Olympiacos1 (-4.5)1.92100+92Pre
14/04/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - PHX Suns22.65100+165Pre
12/04/2024NBANY Knicks - BKN Nets1 (-10.5)1.95100-100Pre
11/04/2024NBABOS Celtics - NY Knicks2 (-2.5)1.94200+188Pre
10/04/2024NBAATL Hawks - CHA Hornets1 (-11.0)1.91100-100Pre
09/04/2024NBAMIL Bucks - BOS Celtics12.15200+230Pre
07/04/2024NBAORL Magic - CHI Bulls2 (+7.5)1.90100-100Pre
06/04/2024NBALA Lakers - CLE Cavaliers1 (-5.5)2.00100+100Pre
05/04/2024NBADAL Mavericks - GS WarriorsUnder 228.01.911000+910Pre
04/04/2024NBADAL Mavericks - ATL Hawks2 (+11.0)1.91400-400Pre
03/04/2024NBABOS Celtics - OKC Thunder2 (+9.5)1.91200-200Pre
02/04/2024NBAGS Warriors - DAL MavericksOver 233.01.91100-100Pre
01/04/2024NBACHI Bulls - ATL Hawks22.35100+135Pre
31/03/2024NBAHOU Rockets - DAL Mavericks2 (+2.5)1.981000+980Pre
30/03/2024NBAATL Hawks - MIL Bucks12.60300-300Pre
29/03/2024NBABKN Nets - CHI Bulls21.80200-200Pre
27/03/2024NBADEN Nuggets - PHX SunsOver 226.51.91100-100Pre
25/03/2024NBAATL Hawks - BOS Celtics1 (+12.0)1.91200+182Pre
24/03/2024NBAMIA Heat - CLE CavaliersUnder 203.01.91100-100Pre
23/03/2024NBACHI Bulls - BOS CelticsOver 221.51.91200+182Pre
22/03/2024NBAMIA Heat - NO PelicansOver 205.51.93100-100Pre
21/03/2024NBAHOU Rockets - CHI Bulls1 (-3.5)1.92100+92Pre
20/03/2024NBABOS Celtics - MIL BucksOver 224.01.91100+91Pre
19/03/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - DEN Nuggets1 (+7.0)1.91200+182Pre
18/03/2024NBABOS Celtics - DET Pistons2 (-16.0)1.91100-100Pre
17/03/2024NBAWAS Wizards - BOS Celtics2 (-10.5)1.91100+91Pre
16/03/2024NBALA Lakers - GS Warriors22.35200+270Pre
15/03/2024NBAUTA Jazz - ATL Hawks2 (-2.5)1.91100-100Pre
14/03/2024NBABOS Celtic - PHX Suns1 (-6.0)1.91100+91Pre
13/03/2024NBAIND Pacers - CHI Bulls22.47200+294Pre
12/03/2024NBASAC Kings - MIL BucksOver 237.01.91200-200Pre
11/03/2024NBADET Pistons - CHA Hornets22.45100-100Pre
10/03/2024NBALA Clippers - MIL Bucks2 (-3.5)1.951000+950Pre
09/03/2024NBALA Clippers - CHI Bulls23.45400-400Pre
08/03/2024NBANY Knicks - ORL Magic11.871000+870Pre
07/03/2024NBAPHX Suns - TOR Rsptors2 (+10.0)1.913000+2730Pre
06/03/2024NBAATL Hawks - CLE Cavaliers1 (-2.5)1.935000+4650Pre
05/03/2024NBANY Knicks - ATL HawksOver 216.51.953000-3000Pre
04/03/2024NBAMIL Bucks - LA Clippers2 (+5.0)1.952000-2000Pre
03/03/2024NBABOS Celtics - GS WarriorsOver 230.01.911000-1000Pre
02/03/2024NBAMEM Grizzlies - POR Trail Blazers1 (-2.5)1.95400-400Pre
01/03/2024NBATOR Raptors - GS Warriors12.30200-200Pre
29/02/2024NBANY Knicks - GS Warriors12.50100-100Pre
28/02/2024NBACHI Bulls - CLE CavaliersOver 216.51.911000+910Pre
27/02/2024NBABOS Celtics - PHI 76ersOver 229.01.91400-400Pre
26/02/2024NBASAC Kings - MIA HeatUnder 226.51.91200-200Pre
25/02/2024NBAPHI 76ers - MIL Bucks1/2 at HT/FT5.90100-100Pre
24/02/2024NBADET Pistons - ORL Magic1 (+6.5)1.98100+98Pre
23/02/2024NBAMIN Timberwolves - MIL Bucks2 (+5.0)1.95200+190Pre
22/02/2024NBACHI Bulls - BOS CelticsUnder 225.01.91100-100Pre
15/02/2024NBAMEM Grizzlies - MIL BucksUnder 224.01.91200+182Pre
14/02/2024NBADEN Nuggets - SAC KingsOver 230.01.91100-100Pre
13/02/2024NBAMIL Bucks - MIA HeatUnder 226.51.91100+91Pre
12/02/2024NBATOR Raptors - SA SpursUnder 234.51.91100+91Pre
11/02/2024NBAMIA Heat - BOS CelticsUnder 226.01.91100-Pre
10/02/2024NBAORL Magic - CHI BullsOver 217.51.91100+91Pre
09/02/2024NBAMIL Bucks - CHA Hornets1 (-14.5)1.91200+182Pre
08/02/2024NBALA Lakers - DEN NuggetsOver 231.01.91100-100Pre
07/02/2024NBABOS Celtics - ATL HawksUnder 243.01.91100+91Pre
06/02/2024NBANY Knicks - MEM Grizzlies2 (+13.5)1.95100+95Pre
05/02/2024NBAPHI 76ers - DAL Mavericks21.87100+87Pre
04/02/2024NBAMIA Heat - LA ClippersUnder 225.01.91100+91Pre
03/02/2024NBADAL Mavericks - MIL BucksUnder 248.01.91400+364Pre
02/02/2024NBADEN Nuggets - POR Trail BlazersOver 221.01.911000+910Pre
01/02/2024NBABOS Celtics - LA LakersUnder 240.51.903000+2700Pre
31/01/2024NBACLE Cavaliers - DET PistonsUnder 229.51.902000-2000Pre
30/01/2024NBABOS Celtics - IND PacersOver 241.51.913000+2730Pre
29/01/2024NBACHA Hornets - NY Knicks2 (-7.5)1.915000+4550Pre
28/01/2024NBAPOR Trail Blazers - CHI BullsOver 217.01.913000-3000Pre
27/01/2024NBABKN Nets - HOU Rockets1 (-5.0)1.952000-2000Pre
26/01/2024NBAIND Pacers - PHX Suns1 (+4.5)1.955000+4750Pre
24/01/2024NBAMIL Bucks - CLE Cavaliers2 (+7.5)1.903000-3000Pre
22/01/2024NBADET Pistons - MIL BucksOver 248.01.902000-2000Pre
21/01/2024NBAWAS Wizards - DEN Nuggets2 (-13.5)1.951000-1000Pre
20/01/2024NBAHOU Rockets - UTA Jazz22.20650-650Pre
19/01/2024NBABOS Celtics - DEN NuggetsOver 233.01.91400-400Pre
18/01/2024NBAUTA Jazz - OKC Thunder12.35150-150Pre
17/01/2024NBAATL Hawks - ORL Magic22.40100-100Pre
16/01/2024NBAPHI 76ers - DEN NuggetsOver 226.51.90200+180Pre
15/01/2024NBAATL Hawks - SA SpursUnder 245.51.90400+360Pre
14/01/2024NBADEN Nuggets - IND Pacers2 (+11.0)1.95700+665Pre
13/01/2024NBAMIL Bucks - GS WarriorsOver 246.51.901000+900Pre
12/01/2024NBADET Pistons - HOU RocketsOver 227.51.901000-1000Pre
11/01/2024NBAMIL Bucks - BOS Celtics2 (+6.0)1.90400-400Pre
10/01/2024NBAIND Pacers - WAS WizardsOver 251.51.90200-200Pre
09/01/2024NBALA Lakers - TOR Raptors1 (-4.5)1.95100-100Pre
08/01/2024NBAIND Pacers - BOS Celtics12.40100+140Pre
07/01/2024NBALA Lakers - LA Clippers1 (+3.5)1.97100+97Pre
06/01/2024NBAIND Pacers - BOS CelticsUnder 246.51.95100+91Pre
04/01/2024NBAGS Warriors - DEN NuggetsOver 234.51.91100+91Pre
03/01/2024NBALA Lakers - MIA HeatUnder 226.51.91100+91Pre
30/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - PHI 76ers1 (-1.5)1.911000+910Pre
29/12/2023NBAORL Magic - NY Knicks22.00400-400Pre
28/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - IND Pacers12.18200-200Pre
27/12/2023NBAWAS Wizards - TOR RaptorsOver 238.51.91100-100Pre
26/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - ATL Hawks11.83100+83Pre
25/12/2023NBAMIA Heat - PHI 76ers1 (-3.0)1.91100+91Pre
23/12/2023NBANY Knicks - MIL BucksUnder 243.51.93100+93Pre
22/12/2023NBASAC Kings - PHX SunsUnder 244.51.90100+90Pre
21/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - SA Spurs1 (-3.5)1.90100+90Pre
20/12/2023NBAIND Pacers - CHA HornetsOver 249.51.90400+360Pre
18/12/2023NBAIND Pacers - LA ClippersOver 240.51.901000+900Pre
16/12/2023NBAMIL Bucks - DET PistonsUnder 240.51.90400-400Pre
15/12/2023NBATOR Raptors - ATL HawksOver 245.51.95200-200Pre
14/12/2023NBABOS Celtics - CLE Cavaliers2 (+8.5)1.90100-100Pre
13/12/2023NBAMIA Heat - CHA Hornets1 (-8.0)1.901000+900Pre
12/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - DEN NuggetsOver 221.51.90400-400Pre
10/12/2023ITA - AMilano - Virtus BolognaUnder 158.51.90200-200Pre
08/12/2023NBABOS Celtics - NY KnicksUnder 220.51.90100-100Pre
07/12/2023NBALA Lakers - NO Pelicans11.81100+81Pre
06/12/2023NBACHI BUlls - CHA Hornets1 (-4.5)1.90400+360Pre
05/12/2023NBAMIL Bucks - NY Knicks1 (-4.5)1.903000+2700Pre
04/12/2023NBAIND Pacers - BOS Celtics2 (-4.5)1.901500-1500Pre
03/12/2023FRA - AMonaco - Paris2 (+7.5)1.90700-700Pre
02/12/2023NBACHI Bulls - NO Pelicans2 (-4.0)1.90400-400Pre
01/12/2023NBABOS Celtics - PHI 76ersOver 222.51.902000+1800Pre
30/11/2023NBACHI Bulls - MIL Bucks2 (-7.5)1.901000-1000Pre
30/11/2023ELMonaco - OlympiacosUnder 156.51.90400-400Pre
29/11/2023NBATOR Raptors - PHX SunsOver 222.51.90200-200Pre
28/11/2023NBAMIA Heat - MIL Bucks1 (+3.0)1.90100-100Pre
27/11/2023NBAUTA Jazz - NO Pelicans1 (+4.0)1.90200+180Pre
26/11/2023NBAMIL Bucks - POR Trail Blazers1 (-12.5)1.90100-100Pre
25/11/2023NBAUTA Jazz - NO Pelicans12.00200+200Pre
24/11/2023ELEfes - Partizan2 (+3.0)1.90100-100Pre
23/11/2023ELPanathinaikos - ValenciaHome Over 81.52.172000+2340Pre
22/11/2023NBABOS Celtics - MIL BucksOver 235.51.901000-1000Pre
21/11/2023NBALA Lakers - UTA Jazz2 (+8.5)1.90400-400Pre
20/11/2023NBACHI Bulls - MIA Heat1 (+1.5)1.90200-200Pre
19/11/2023NBACLE Cavaliers - DEN Nuggets2 (-2.5)1.95100-100Pre
18/11/2023NBAMIL Bucks - DAL MavericksOver 242.51.90100+90Pre
17/11/2023NBACLE Cavaliers - DET Pistons2 (+8.5)1.952000+1900Pre
16/11/2023ELMaccabi - FenerbahceOver 160.51.901000-1000Pre
15/11/2023ELPanathinaikos - Zalgiris1 & Over 150.51.90400-400Pre
14/11/2023ELValencia - Real MadridOver 157.51.90200-200Pre
13/11/2023NBAMIL Bucks - CHI BullsOver 229.01.90100-100Pre
12/11/2023NBALA Clippers - MEM Grizzlies2 (+8.5)1.95200+190Pre
11/11/2023NBAORL Magic - MIL Bucks2 (-3.0)1.90100-100Pre
10/11/2023ELALBA - Panathinaikos2 (-3.5)1.95400+380Pre
09/11/2023ELPartizan - Fenerbahce1 (-6.5)2.20200-200Pre
08/11/2023ECTurk Telekom - Gran CanariaOver 160.51.90100-100Pre
07/11/2023ECVenezia - Cedevita2 (+8.5)1.90100+90Pre
06/11/2023NBADET Pistons - GS Warriors2 (-6.0)1.90100+90Pre
05/11/2023NBADET Pistons - PHX Suns2 (-5.5)1.90200+180Pre
04/11/2023NBAPHI 76ers - PHX SunsOver 220.51.90100-100Pre
03/11/2023ELVirtus Bologna - Efes1 (-2.5)1.90200+180Pre
02/11/2023ELFenerbahce - Olympiacos1 (-4.5)1.95100-100Pre
31/10/2023ELMilano - Maccabi2 (+5.5)1.90100+90Pre
30/10/2023GRE - A1Olympiacos - Panathinaikos2 (+7.5)1.90200+180Pre
29/10/2023GRE - A1Lavrio - PAOKUnder 157.51.94100-100Pre
28/10/2023GRE - A1Marousi - Karditsa1 (-4.5)1.90100+90Pre
27/10/2023ELBayern - FenerbahceUnder 159.51.90200+180Pre
26/10/2023ELReal Madrid - BarcelonaOver 166.51.90100-100Pre
25/10/2023ECSlask - Aris Salonika2 (-2.5)1.90100+90Pre
24/10/2023BCLDarussafaka - Tenerife1 (+4.5)1.90100+90Pre
23/10/2023GRE - A1Panathinaikos - LavrioOver 158.51.951000+950Pre
22/10/2023SPA - ACBBaskonia - Malaga1 (-4.5)1.98400-400Pre
21/10/2023SPA - ACBJoventut - Andorra1 (-7.5)1.90200-200Pre
20/10/2023ELBarca - Bayern2 (+8.5)1.90100-100Pre
19/10/2023ELOlympiacos - Partizan2 (+6.5)1.90100+90Pre
18/10/2023ELVirtus Bologna - Alba Berlin1 (-8.5)1.90100+90Pre
17/10/2023ELMilano - Olympiacos11.781000+780Pre
15/10/2023ITA - AVarese - TortonaOver 169.51.95400-400Pre
14/10/2023ITA - AMilano - Reggio EmiliaUnder 155.51.901000+900Pre
13/10/2023ELOlympiacos - Barcelona22.202000+2400Pre
12/10/2023ELAlba Berlin - BaskoniaUnder 167.52.001000-1000Pre
11/10/2023ECGran Canaria - Ulm1 (-8.5)1.953000+2850Pre
10/10/2023ECLietkabelis - Aris2 (+4.5)1.952000-2000Pre
09/10/2023GRE - A1Panathinaikos - ArisOver 160.51.911400-1400Pre
08/10/2023GRE - A1Aris - Olympiacos1 (+18.5)1.952000+1900Pre
07/10/2023SPA - ACBTenerife - BreoganUnder 157.51.871700-1700Pre
06/10/2023ELPanathinaikos - OlympiacosUnder 154.51.911000-1000Pre
05/10/2023ELMaccabi - Partizan2 (+4.5)1.85400-400Pre
04/10/2023ECAris - Gran Canaria1 (+6.5)1.95200-200Pre
01/10/2023SPA - ACBReal Madrid - BarcaOver 166.51.95100-100Pre
30/09/2023GRE - SCOlympiacos - PanathinaikosUnder 157.51.93200+186Pre
29/09/2023GRE - SCPeristeri - Olympiacos1 (+13.5)1.93100-100Pre
28/09/2023SPA - ACBJoventut - Granada2 (+11.5)1.90500+450Pre
27/09/2023SPA - ACBMurcia - Baskonia1 (+4.5)2.002000+2000Pre
26/09/2023FRA - PROMonaco - Saint-Quenin1 (-19.5)2.051000-1000Pre
24/09/2023SPA - ACBGran Canaria - Manresa2 (+8.5)1.952000+1900Pre
23/09/2023ITA - SCMilano - Virtus BolognaOver 154.51.801500-1500Pre
19/09/2023WNBADAL Wings - ATL DreamUnder 170.51.90900-900Pre
18/09/2023FRA - CupPont de Cheruy - Antibes2 (-11.5)1.90300-300Pre
17/09/2023WNBALV Aces - CHI SkyOver 170.51.90200-200Pre
13/09/2023WNBALV Aces - CHI SkyOver 170.51.90100-100Pre
10/09/2023WC 2023Germany - SerbiaOver 42.5 Total Fouls1.85200+170Pre
09/09/2023WC 2023Latvia - LithuaniaOver 173.51.95100-100Pre
08/09/2023WC 2023Serbia - Canada1 (+4.5)1.90400+360Pre
07/09/2023WC 2023Italy - Latvia11.90150-150Pre
06/09/2023WC 2023Canada - SloveniaUnder 176.51.95100-100Pre
05/09/2023WC 2023Italy - USAUnder 178.51.95100+95Pre
03/09/2023WC 2023Spain - CanadaOver 168.51.90100+90Pre
02/09/2023WC 2023Jordan - Mexico2 (-5.5)2.00100+100Pre
01/09/2023WC 2023Lithuania - Greece1 (-7.5)1.90100+90Pre
31/08/2023WC 2023Egypt - Jordan11.95400+380Pre
30/08/2023WC 2023USA - JordanOver 185.51.90200-200Pre
29/08/2023WC 2023Montenegro - Lithuania1 (+5.5)1.90100-100Pre
28/08/2023WC 2023Brazil - SpainOver 162.51.90100+90Pre
27/08/2023WC 2023Italy - Dominican Rep.2 (+5.5)1.90100+90Pre
26/08/2023WC 2023USA - New Zealand2 (+36.5)1.901000+900Pre
25/08/2023WC 2023Canada - FranceOver 167.51.95400-400Pre
20/08/2023OG - QTurkey - CroatiaOver 167.51.90200-200Pre
18/08/2023OG - QCroatia - UkraineOver 159.51.90100-100Pre
17/08/2023OG - QChile - ColombiaUnder 148.51.90400+360Pre
16/08/2023OG - QPortugal - PolandOver 152.51.90200-200Pre
15/08/2023OG - QBulgaria - Iceland1 (+4.5)1.95100-100Pre
14/08/2023OG - QSweden - CroatiaOver 155.51.90100+90Pre
13/08/2023WNBAWAS Mystics - CHI SkyUnder 159.51.95200+190Pre
08/08/2023WNBACHI Sky - MIN Lynx1 (-3.5)1.95100-100Pre
04/08/2023WNBAIND Fever - CON Sun2 (-7.5)1.90200+180Pre
02/08/2023WNBASEA Storm - DAL WingsOver 168.51.90100-100Pre
01/08/2023WNBAIND Fever - PHX MercuryUnder 160.51.90100+90Pre

Tuesday’s matches

First up, Fenerbahce (17-9) welcomes Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv (9-17) to Istanbul looking for a victory which would secure a place in the playoffs. Despite their respective records Maccabi has outperformed the host in several statistical categories, including points per game (78.9 to 77.1) and rebounding (34.5 to 32.0), but the Israeli team needs to take better care of the ball after committing the second highest number of turnovers in the competition (14.4 per game). Not an easy one to call because Fener is playing with a couple of important absentees. Staying away from any pre-match bets.

A big battle is assured in Kaunas where in-form Zalgiris (12-14) will look for its seventh win in nine games with the visit of fellow playoff hopefuls Anadolu Efes Istanbul (14-12), which has won five of its last six. Establishing inside dominance could be key: no team has matched Efes’s average of 45.4 two-point attempts, and the Turkish team also leads the game in offensive rebounding (13.2 per game). But Zalgiris is fifth in that category (11.2 per game), while the teams are joint in fourth place in drawing the most fouls per game (20.8). This looks like a close battle but we will go with the home win including a handicap of -1.5 point which is priced at 1.90 with bet365

Depending on other results, victory could be enough to secure a spot in the playoffs for Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz (15-11) when it travels to face eliminated Brose Baskets Bamberg (9-17). The Spanish team has a big advantage in rebounding, ranked third in the league with an average of 36.7 boards per game while Bamberg is dead last with an average of 31.1. But the host is a more accurate shooter, with a true shooting percentage of 50.7% – second-best in the competition – compared to Baskonia’s 48.1%. There could be an upset here with Bamberg playing for… glory and the 2.25 odds to win.

Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens (15-11) may also be able to advance to the next stage with a home win against EA7 Emporio Armani Milano (7-19), which will be aiming to end a five-game losing streak. The Greens have been a dominant force at home, winning nine consecutive games in Athens, partly thanks to committing fewer turnovers than any other team – just 10.8 per game. Milan, conversely, has averaged 14.1 turnovers, the fourth-worst tally of all teams. A home win with a handicap of -11.5 point is priced at 1.90 with bet365.

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