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The best BTTS Tips Today. Both Teams To Score Predictions



BTTS is the initials from the phrase Both Teams To Score and it can also be found around Europe as Goal/Goal, just Goal (No Goal would be the opposite) or G/G elsewhere. BTTS tips or BTTS Predictions refer exclusively to a football type of bet.

BTTS tips is one of the categories for which we provide predictions. Predicting Both Teams To Score in a specific football match is challenging and usually has a nice feeling. It makes you celebrate the goals of both teams, something you don’t normally do when the team you follow plays, right?

BTTS tips live

In other places of the world it is also known as Goal Goal, in abbreviation G/G (we use this too), or simply as Goal. The opposite bet is the No Goal (both teams will not score) or N/G.

BTTS is an abbreviation and a betting term. When a punter bets on BTTS on a specific game it means that both teams need to score for the bet to be a winner. If one of the two teams (or none) scores, the bet is lost.

In some cases the bet type is BTTS and the punter needs to make a selection with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

This post lists our football tips including a BTTS. As we always do in our tables (on our football predictions), it is independent in relevance to the staking we suggest. Of course, this is your own money you bet with and we are only showing stakes as examples.

All BTTS (Goal/Goal) Tips

08/12/2022ITA - BPalermo - ComoBTTS (G/G)1.7560Pre
07/12/2022ENG - FAStockport - CharltonBTTS (G/G)1.70200+140Pre
06/12/2022WCMorocco - SpainBTTS (G/G)2.20100-100Pre
04/12/2022WCEngland - SenegalBTTS (G/G)2.5030-30Pre
03/12/2022ENG - CHSunderland - MillwallBTTS (G/G)1.8520-20Pre
02/12/2022WCGhana - UruguayBTTS (G/G)1.9510-10Pre
01/12/2022WCCanada - MoroccoBTTS (G/G)1.9510+9.50Pre
30/11/2022WCSaudi Arabia - MexicoBTTS (G/G)1.8020+16Pre
29/11/2022WCIran - USABTTS (G/G)2.0510-10Pre
28/11/2022WCSouth Korea - GhanaBTTS (G/G)2.10200+220Pre
27/11/2022ENG - FABristol Rovers - Boreham WoodBTTS (G/G)1.80100-100Pre
26/11/2022ENG - FACharlton - StockportBTTS (G/G)1.75200+150Pre
25/11/2022WCEngland - USABTTS (G/G)1.95100-100Pre
24/11/2022WCBrazil - SerbiaBTTS (G/G)1.9040-40Pre
23/11/2022WCBelgium - CanadaBTTS (G/G)1.9020-20Pre
22/11/2022WCMexico - PolandBTTS (G/G)2.0010-10Pre
21/11/2022WCUSA - WalesBTTS (G/G)2.0010+10Pre
20/11/2022SPA - BLevante - Las PalmasBTTS (G/G)1.9050+45Pre
19/11/2022ENG - L1Exeter - IpswichBTTS (G/G)1.7520-20Pre
18/11/2022ENG - L1Portsmouth - DerbyBTTS (G/G)1.7510-10Pre
17/11/2022INT - FRNorth Macedonia - FinlandBTTS (G/G)2.0060+60Pre
16/11/2022HOL - BADO Den Haag - RodaBTTS (G/G)1.5730-30Pre
14/11/2022GRE - AAsteras Tripolis - IonikosBTTS (G/G)2.3710-10Pre
13/11/2022ITA - AMilan - FiorentinaBTTS (G/G)1.8010+8Pre
12/11/2022ENG - PLWest Ham - LeicesterBTTS (G/G)1.7510-10Pre
11/11/2022ENG - CHBirmingham - SunderlandBTTS (G/G)1.9020+18Pre
10/11/2022SPA - AValencia - BetisBTTS (G/G)1.9010-10Pre
09/11/2022ITA - ALecce - AtalantaBTTS (G/G)1.9510+9.50Pre
08/11/2022ITA - ASpezia - UdineseBTTS (G/G)1.8010+8Pre
07/11/2022SPA - ARayo Vallecano - Real MadridBTTS (G/G)1.9010+9Pre
06/11/2022ENG - PLSouthampton - NewcastleBTTS (G/G)1.8010+8Pre
05/11/2022ITA - ASalernitana - CremoneseBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
04/11/2022SPA - AGirona - Athletic BilbaoBTTS (G/G)1.9040+36Pre
03/11/2022UELOlympiakos - NantesBTTS (G/G)1.7520-20Pre
02/11/2022UCLMan City - SevillaBTTS (G/G)1.90100+90Pre
01/11/2022ENG - CHLuton - ReadingBTTS (G/G)1.9050-50Pre
31/10/2022ITA - AVerona - RomaBTTS (G/G)1.80100+80Pre
30/10/2022ITA - ASpezia - FiorentinaBTTS (G/G)1.80400+320Pre
29/10/2022ITA - ANapoli - SassuoloBTTS (G/G)1.80200-200Pre
28/10/2022ENG - CHBirmigham - QPRBTTS (G/G)1.75100-100Pre
27/10/2022UELMolde - DjurgardenBTTS (G/G)1.72500+360Pre
27/10/2022UELAEK Larnaca - Dynamo KievBTTS (G/G)1.90400+360Pre
26/10/2022UCLInter - PlzenBTTS (G/G)2.37300-300Pre
25/10/2022ENG - CHBurnley - NorwichBTTS (G/G)1.75200-200Pre
24/10/2022SWE - AGoteborg - AIKBTTS (G/G)1.75100-100Pre
23/10/2022ENG - PLSouthampton - ArsenalBTTS (G/G)1.801000+800Pre
22/10/2022ITA - ASalernitana - SpeziaBTTS (G/G)1.75400-400Pre
21/10/2022FRA - AAjaccio - PSGBTTS (G/G)2.20200-200Pre
20/10/2022SPA - AOsasuna - EspanyolBTTS (G/G)2.00100-100Pre
19/10/2022ENG - PLBournemouth - SouthamptonBTTS (G/G)1.8050-50Pre
18/10/2022ENG - CHBlackburn - SunderlandBTTS (G/G)1.8320-20Pre
17/10/2022SPA - AVillareal - OsasunaBTTS (G/G)1.9010-10Pre
16/10/2022ITA - AVerona - MilanBTTS (G/G)1.9010+9Pre
15/10/2022ENG - PLFulham - BournemouthBTTS (G/G)1.7560+45Pre
14/10/2022ENG - PLBrentford - BrightonBTTS (G/G)1.7520-20Pre
13/10/2022UELQarabag - OlympiakosBTTS (G/G)1.8010-10Pre
12/10/2022UCLNapoli - AjaxBTTS (G/G)1.5020+10Pre
11/10/2022UCLDinamo Zagerb - SalzburgBTTS (G/G)1.7520+15Pre
10/10/2022TUR - ABasaksehir - SivassporBTTS (G/G)1.9010-10Pre
09/10/2022ENG - PLWest Ham - FulhamBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
08/10/2022ENG - CHSwansea - SunderlandBTTS (G/G)1.7210+7,20Pre
07/10/2022SPA - AOsasuna - ValenciaBTTS (G/G)1.9060+54Pre
06/10/2022UCLMonaco - TrabzonsporBTTS (G/G)1.75100+75Pre
05/10/2022UCLSalzburg - Dinamo ZagerbBTTS (G/G)1.7560-60Pre
04/10/2022UCLLiverpool - RangersBTTS (G/G)1.9520-20Pre
03/10/2022ENG - PLLeicester - Nott ForestBTTS (G/G)1.6710-10Pre
01/10/2022ENG - PLFulham - NewcastleBTTS (G/G)1.7520+15Pre
30/09/2022SPA - ABilbao - AlmeriaBTTS (G/G)2.0010-10Pre
29/09/2022ARG - ABarracas Central - Gimnasia LPBTTS (G/G)1.95100+95Pre
27/09/2022NLNorway - SerbiaBTTS (G/G)1.7560-60Pre
26/09/2022NLHungary - ItalyBTTS (G/G)2.0020-20Pre
25/09/2022NLDenmark - FranceBTTS (G/G)1.8310-10Pre
24/09/2022NLSerbia - SwedenBTTS (G/G)1.8340+33Pre
23/09/2022NLGermany - HungaryBTTS (G/G)2.0020-20Pre
22/09/2022NLCroatia - DenmarkBTTS (G/G)1.83100+83Pre
21/09/2022NLScotland - UkraineBTTS (G/G)2,0040-40Pre
20/09/2022ENG - LTStevenage - WycombeBTTS (G/G)1.8020-20Pre
18/09/2022GER - AUnion Berlin - WolfsburgBTTS (G/G)1.8010-10Pre
17/09/2022ITA - ASpezia - SampdoriaBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
16/09/2022ITA - ASalernitana - LecceBTTS (G/G)1.7520+15Pre
15/09/2022UELOlympiakos - FreiburgBTTS (G/G)1.8010-10Pre
14/09/2022UCLMan City - DortmundBTTS (G/G)1.8050+40Pre
13/09/2022UCLViktoria Plzen - InterBTTS (G/G)1.8020-20Pre
11/09/2022ITA - ALazio - VeronaBTTS (G/G)1.7010-10Pre
10/09/2022SPA - AAtletico - CeltaBTTS (G/G)2.0020+20Pre
09/09/2022FRA - ALens - TroyesBTTS (G/G)1.7510-10Pre
08/09/2022UELFenerbahce - Dynamo KievBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
07/09/2022C.LIB.Flamengo - Velez SarsfieldBTTS (G/G)2.1010+11Pre
06/09/2022UCLLeipzig - ShakhtarBTTS (G/G)1.9010+9Pre
05/09/2022ITA - ASalernitana - EmpoliBTTS (G/G)1.7010+7Pre
04/09/2022FRA - ABrest - StrasbourgBTTS (G/G)1.7010+7Pre
03/09/2022ENG - PLChelsea - West HamBTTS (G/G)1.8020+16Pre
02/09/2022BEL - AClub Brugge - Cercle BruggeBTTS (G/G)1.7510-10Pre
01/09/2022ITA - AAtalanta - TorinoBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
31/08/2022ITA - ASampdoria - LazioBTTS (G/G)1.8010+8Pre
30/08/2022ENG - PLFulham - BrightonBTTS (G/G)1.80100+80Pre
29/08/2022SPA - AValencia - AtleticoBTTS (G/G)1.9540-20Pre
28/08/2022FRA - ABrest - MontpellierBTTS (G/G)1.7020-20Pre
27/08/2022SPA - ARayo Vallecano - MallorcaBTTS (G/G)2.1010-10Pre
26/08/2022TUR - AGaziantep - AntalyasporBTTS (G/G)1.7510+7.50Pre
25/08/2022UEL - QOlympiakos - Apollon LimassolBTTS (G/G)2.1060+66Pre
24/08/2022UCL - QTrabzonspor - CopenhagenBTTS (G/G)1.7040-40Pre
23/08/2022UCL - QViktoria Plzen - QarabagBTTS (G/G)1.90100+90Pre
22/08/2022ARG - APlatense - TalleresBTTS (G/G)2.0540-40Pre
21/08/2022ENG - PLWest Ham - BrightonBTTS (G/G)1.7520-20Pre
20/08/2022POR - APorto - SportingBTTS (G/G)1.8010-10Pre
19/08/2022FRA - ALyon - TroyesBTTS (G/G)1.8010+8Pre
18/08/2022UEL - QApollon Limassol - OlympiakosBTTS (G/G)2.0010+10Pre
17/08/2022ENG - CHSheff Utd - SunderlandBTTS (G/G)2.0010+10Pre
16/08/2022UCL - QRangers - PSV EindhovenBTTS (G/G)1.6560+39Pre
15/08/2022SWE - AHacken - MjallbyBTTS (G/G)1.7520-20Pre
12/08/2022POR - AFamalicao - BragaBTTS (G/G)1.7010-10Pre
11/08/2022UEL - QSlovan Bratislava - OlympiakosBTTS (G/G)1.9050+45Pre
10/08/2022C. LIB.Talleres - Velez SarsfieldBTTS (G/G)2.0020-20Pre
09/08/2022UCL - QDinamo Zagreb - LudogoretsBTTS (G/G)1.8550+42.50Pre
08/08/2022ARG - ATigre - Rosario CentralBTTS (G/G)2.00500+500Pre
07/08/2022ENG - PLWest Ham - Man CityBTTS (G/G)1.75200-200Pre
06/08/2022ENG - CHSwansea - BlackburnBTTS (G/G)1.80100-100Pre
05/08/2022FRA - ALyon - AjaccioBTTS (G/G)2.10200+220Pre
04/08/2022UEL - QOlympiakos - Slovan BratislavaBTTS (G/G)2.00500+500Pre
03/08/2022BRA - ASao Paolo - CearaBTTS (G/G)2.25300-300Pre
01/08/2022ENG - CHWatford - Sheffield UtdBTTS (G/G)2.00200-200Pre

* Odds are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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BTTS Tips – Both Teams To Score – Which ones?

Factors that influence a result and can lead to a Both Teams To Score match:

  • The teams’ form.
  • The last 5-6 Home results for the hosts.
  • The last 5-6 Away results for the visitors.
  • Absences of key players from each or both teams, especially regarding goalkeepers and defenders.
  • Head 2 Head history. Tradition is always an important sector especially for teams that meet every year.

BTTS Tips – How to make such a pick?

This is an answer that changes from season to season but also within the same one. For my BTTS bets I prefer to pick teams who:

  • Usually play attacking football and score with ease, caring less for their defense.
  • Confirm regularly the over 2.5 or over 3.5 goals market.
  • The underdogs (lower odds to win) have scored in their last two matches.
  • The favorites look so confident in their recent form that receiving a goal would not look as a big step-back.
  • The odds of BTTS have high value.

Read also: BTTS predictions sometimes become very profitable in live betting.

BTTS Predictions – Which are the best leagues?

Not all matches are the same and this can be said for the different leagues.As a general rule, remember to check more on the following league when placing a BTTS bet.

  • Iceland Urvalsdeild
  • Netherlands Eredivisie
  • Netherlands Eerste Divisie
  • Turkey Super Lig
  • Scotland League One
  • Scotland League Two
  • England Championship (less possibilities but higher odds than most)
  • England League 1
  • England League 2
  • Spain La Liga

We suggest both teams to score tips every single day, so remember to check on the relevant pages on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: This is not investment or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research. Also, the numbers of the column bet are not equivalent to any currency but show an analogy depending on the previous bets, won or lost. They could be rice seeds, lentils or anything you might imagine.

Follow me or follow your instinct. Play responsibly. Betting should be fun.